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The Delta Project is an archive website providing on-line access to the past, present (and hopefully) future UFO projects of Robert Moore, BA (Hons), HNC (Arc).

Robert Moore was intermittently active within Ufology from 1982 up to 2000, leaving the subject for several years (until returning again in 2007). During that time, Moore authored numerous articles on the subject which will be uploaded and eventually made accessible on this website, along with new UFO research and investigation material when it becomes available.


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Since her appearance on the popular music scene in 1978, the renowned (and much-loved) English singer-songwriter Kate Bush has been associated in the public consciousness with a cornucopia of  countercultural ideals and paranormal concepts; ranging from vegetarianism, "White Ladies", astrology, synchronicity, Wilhelm Reich, Gurdjieff,  UFOs and alternative spirituality (to name but a few...).

But where does media distortion and proletarian wishful thinking end and truth begin? The Kate Bush Mysteries: Fact and Fiction examines these various claims, statements and interpretations in an attempt to determine whether these preconceptions, rumours and populist legends have any valid justification.


 Think you "know" Kate Bush? Then think again! 


Much of what is popularly believed about her is largely mythical! The Kate Bush Mysteries reveals her to be  a modest (but still notable) explorer of "New Age" ideas  with mundane and artistic concerns (most  notably the development of her "art") seemingly holding more importance and significance for her.

Nonetheless, the various exotic topics depicted by her music represents a  testament to Kate Bush's unique personal creativity to those brave enough to enter her "sensual world"!

Kate Bush is also notable for advocating concepts such as vegetarianism during the 1970's and 1980's -  a lifestyle choice which is now widely accepted within UK society. But  while she is a singer-songwriter with a very broad, innovative and varied body of work she remains conceptually haunted by the white-robed spectre of "Wuthering Heights", courtesy of the British media.....

It is anticipated that this is an ongoing project - this document will incorporate corrections, along with new information as and when it is found.


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Expanded coverage of the "White Dress Cathy" video.

"Lily";  how accurately does this song actually represent the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP))?




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What are "UFOs" 

(and do they actually exist)?

"UFO" is the acronym for Unidentified Flying Object -  basically, any aerial object which an observer is unable to identify. Obviously, this is a relative term, effectively defined by the observational experience (and sometimes personal credulity) of a given witness. UFOs are both difficult and controversial to study as they mostly exist in the form of personal observations; although numerous claimed UFO photographs and RADAR observations have also been made since the phenomena's genesis in June 1947.

Of these reports, around 80-95% of all events submitted to (critical) UFO researchers appear to have a prosaic solution; mistaken observations (or misperceptions) of aircraft, stars, planets, meteors, weather and lantern balloons and so forth. Such events are termed IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) . However, a number of reports are too vague to be  accurately explained and are quantified and hence deemed to be of "Insufficient Information" to preclude any meaningful analysis. 

The remaining 20 -5% of events appear to relate to observations of a "novel phenomenon" of some kind, or at least relates to an unusual perceptional experience. These events are termed "True UFOs", by researchers, in order to discern them from the "raw" initial "UFO" events they receive from the public.

Contrary to prior statements (and issued statistics) by the U.S.A.F, the MoD etc. , the population of bona-fide UFO events do not comprise of reports of short-duration and poorly-observed stimuli. Many "True UFO" incidents are detailed, well-defined reports, relating to incidents with durations of up to several minutes or more. 

The nature of these reports can only be deemed even more puzzling when checks for aircraft movements (and other possible mundane causes) draw a blank. However, balanced against this is the fact that a number of "classic" UFO events subject to extended investigation have eventually been found to have prosaic causes.

Hence, there is intense controversy over the nature of these "True UFO" events. Some feel they relate to extreme versions of IFO events, where the stimuli observed was rendered so unusual in appearance that it seemingly appears to its witnesses(es) as a novel event presently unrecognised by science. 

Others believe these reports are generated by exotic forms of natural phenomena - such as "earthlights", "plasmas" or even "electromagnetic hypersensitivity". But a considerable number of people disagree with both viewpoints, and go so far to state that "true UFOs" involve observations of extra-terrestrial spacecraft (or another equally non-prosaic source).

It is a documented fact that every official investigation and enquiry into UFOs have resulted in a residue of "true UFO" events. While it is true that some of these studies have brushed aside the importance of this residue, that fact does nonetheless remain.

So, the short answer to whether "UFOs" exist is "yes" - if only as a statistical population of "unsolved" reports, who's true nature have yet to be precisely determined. However, as to whether these events represent something startling and significant remains an open issue.

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