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last updated 2nd September 2007.


Obviously, very much work in progress(!).

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National (UK) Organisations:


This national group concerns itself  with "paranormal" phenomenon as a totality - ghosts, 'polts, monsters and UFOs. Inceptors of "Project Albion", among other initiatives.


The URL of my favourite British UFO organisation ( honest..!).  Established in 1962, it remains one of the oldest active UFO societies' in the UK. The website is presently the main outlet of its research and investigation work. 




Internet Mailing Lists:


Possibly world's largest (and most significant) UFO mailing lists


One of the UK's largest UFO  Internet mailing lists (requires free subscription for access).



Local (UK) UFO organisations:




South Western Region


Website of the Cornwall UFO Research Group



Home Counties











Northern England .


URL of a Liverpool-based paranormal and UFO investigation local group.


A northern UFO society based in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Has been involved in the

 investigation of a number of significant UFO events.
















International Groups:

Centre for UFO Studies - American based UFO group initially established by Dr. J. A. Hynek.

One of Italy's largest UFO organisations.

Fund for UFO Research - American-based UFO body.

Link to America's (and possibly the world's) largest UFO organisation.

A website dealing mostly with American Ufological history .

Webpage of UFO Sweden.

Website of the UFO Working Group Netherlands (UWN). SUP's objective is to support UFO research in the Netherlands.

Large list of Italian and world UFO reports.




A magazine providing good, objective coverage of UFOs,  "paranormal"  and Fortean topics.

Newsstand journal dealing with freaks, fools and - sometimes - UFOs, too!


Website of Flying Saucer Review - one of the world's oldest UFO magazines.



Links to Magonia magazine:




Magonia Extra:

A General magazine dealing with Paranormal, UFO and Fortean phenomenon

One of the successor magazines to "UFO" .  Available monthly over the Internet.

Another successor magazine to "UFO", also available monthly over the Internet.



Research Projects:

Archive site containing numerous information on the USAF UFO study projects of the late 1940's, 1960's and 1970's.

pdf format list of revised Blue Book unknowns (once considered to consist of around 640 reports, now up-rated to 1,500).

Another listing of Blue Book unknowns (html format).


Project Hessdalen  is a local study focused around light phenomenon repeatedly seen around the Hessdalen Valley, Norway.

From the "project 1947" site noted above - various thematic UFO catalogues (usually international in scope).

A website dealing mostly with American Ufological history .

Database of UFO events involving UK police officers.

HTML version of Dr. Vallee's "Magonia" UFO database - containing cases from 1868 through to 1968.

Many of these cases are now  deemed questionable, with others generally acknowledged to be outright hoaxes.



Case Studies and General Information:

Information on the Cosford "UFO" event... which actually wasn't!

General information on UFOs - "the home of the Grey dudes".

The full text of the Condon report in HTML format.

Archives various files associated with the 1957 "Lakenheath/Benwaters" incident.

Website hosting various historical UFO material - including vol.1 of the "UFO Evidence"

A comprehensive website dealing with the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident.

The MoD files on the Rendlesham Incident (released as a consequence of the FOIA) can be found at:

A Swedish-based group who have complied a comprehensive global archive of UFO material.

Large list of  UFO information resources, from reports to UFO books (from Italy, but presented in English).

A website dealing with the UFO issue (and UFO evidence) on a global level.

UFO casebook - a general listing of UFO evidence and cases (mostly from the USA).

The full pdf format text of the "Condign" project can be found here.

A substantial information resource on general UFO theories and events

An overview of the UFO as presented by popular culture.

A website devoted to the former "UFO scene" associated with Warminster, 

Wiltshire: a focus of numerous skywatches during the 1960's and  1970's.


Personal Web-pages:

Webpage of Dr. David Clarke

personal website of Paul Devereux.

Webpage/Blog  of Isaac Koi

personal website of Nick Pope.

webpage of Ian Ridpath (mostly astronomical - but includes some UFO content,

most notably  commentary on the Rendlesham Forest incident).

Webpage of Andy Roberts and Dr. David Clarke.

Webpage/Blog of Andy Roberts.



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