The Ufology Handbook

Robert Moore


The Ufology Handbook is the writer's attempt to produce an objective and  concise guide to the "UFO phenomenon".  It was originally written in 1998 at the bequest of the BUFORA council, intended to function as the association's main reference work to the subject. However - despite ruthless pruning - the end-result equalled about 100 A4 pages of text and was therefore deemed to be too large.  As a consequence, BUFORA opted to use a much-reduced version - "The Concise Guide to UFOs" - in it's stead; which after some ruthless editing and rewriting was finally condensed to around 28 A4 pages. While a  PDF version of that booklet is presently available on the BUFORA website, a more updated (2007) HTML edition of this work is posted elsewhere on this website.

Unfortunately, the indirect consequences of a Tornado aircraft not crashing in the Peak Districts had a major detrimental effect on the author's UFO activities within BUFORA, and on the Ufology Handbook in particular. However, all did not seem lost when the writer joined UFOIN in 1999, resulting in another member, Mike Wootten (a professional Internet and IT specialist),  uploading sections of this work onto the group's website. Unfortunately, while the completed sections were aesthetically striking and technically accomplished, the UFOIN initiative eventually collapsed, leaving this manuscript (quite literally) incomplete and once again in limbo, eventually disappearing altogether off the Internet.  On the author's return to the subject in 2007 (following 3 years in University) he made it a priority to enact some form of closure on this project, resulting in the establishment of the Delta Project website. If nothing else, the Ufology Handbook has had a painful, protracted labour - perhaps a symbolic manifestation of the disappointment and failure endemic within the British Ufology of the early 21st century. 

Now such trials are over, the full scope of this work can now be presented in its entirety. Unlike many such works, The Ufology Handbook aims to present the subject as it really is. When he initially authored the Ufology Handbook, it was the writer's aim to produce an objective, accurate and trustworthy guide to the totality of this subject. All too often contemporary UFO books exclusively focus on the more sensationalist elements of the subject ("crashed UFOs", "abductions", "alien spacecraft", etc), or try to fit the subject into a single pigeonhole (usually  UFOs =  ET spacecraft or (less often) UFOs = bunk!). The Ufology Handbook attempts to steer a middle course between these two extreme viewpoints, and endeavours to inform it's readers equally of all aspects of Ufology - from IFOs and defining the "UFO experience" to its more "thrilling" aspects.

Ufology is a big subject, covering many widely divergent aspects and elements; enough data to fill several volumes (or more)! However, I feel the Ufology Handbook largely succeeds in it's objectives. Anyone pursuing these pages should come away with a good idea of the UFO subject's true extent,

It is the writer's hope that this work will be continually added to, amended and updated as time progresses. In that respect the Ufology Handbook may never be completed - and probably never can be, while the subject exists in any active state. One notable current shortcoming that can be addressed is the quality of referencing. While general, global sources are cited in the final section, the writer feels it requires marked expansion and be rendered more item-specific. It is the author's hope that this can be completed and uploaded sometime in the recent future.

Robert Moore

August, 2007


History Of "UFOs" (from "Burning Shields", "Phantom Airships" To The "Ghost Rockets"). The "Birth" Of Modern Ufology. Defining The "UFO Experience". All About IFOs. Witness Factors. Patterns In Time & Space.


Common Attributes Of "UFOs"(Shape,Colour And Motion Factors). "Balls Of Light". Effects On Humans,Animals And The Environment. Crop Circles. "UFO Entities". Abductions.


UFO Photographs & Films (Fakes, "Open" Cases & the Possibly Unexplained). UFO Entity Photographs & Films ("Roswell Video" etc). UFOs & RADAR. Physical Evidence. "Implants" & "Black Light" Marks. Crashed UFOs.


The Government "Cover-Up" (From the "Silence Group" to "MJ12"). "Men In Black". Astronauts & UFOs. Modern UFO Populism (The X Files And All That!) Theoretical Considerations. UFOs & "Radical Misperception". UFOs And Exotic Natural Phenomena; Earthlights, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity And Anomalous Mirage Effects. UFOs And Unconventional Manmade Craft.


The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The Alternative Universe Hypothesis. The Time Travel Hypothesis. UFOs & Paranormal Phenomena. The Living Organism Hypothesis. Conclusions. Global references.

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