BOLS; A spectrum of strangeness


Slightly updated version of article originally published in UFO TIMES circa late 1990's. A discussion of possible links between various BOL phenomena, UAPs and entity encounters.



A Concise Guide To UFOs


A brief outline of the UFO Problem as it exists today.  A 2007 modified and updated version of the 1999 original!




The Ufology Handbook


The full manuscript upon which "A Concise Guide To UFOs" was based. Similar to the above but provides more detailed coverage of the subject.





A description and overview of PRIMEBASE - the writer's attempt to create a list of all known UK "True UFO" reports. 


This Guide is now available in PDF format (81 kb):

Updated 29 September 2007 - includes a method to determine a sighting's Strangeness/Probability rating.

Click here to access



Primebase Dataset


An ongoing attempt to list all  the UK's  "True UFO"  reports.  Currently, this website features the 2007 revised "1998 dataset" consisting of 821 reports. These are presented in the form of three separate *.pdf  files, sorted by year, Hynek definition class and general location ("ARLOC" field). Size of each file 0.84 mb. It is hoped that a searchable SQL version  can be complied sometime in the future.




The Strategic Reserve: A Practical Consideration


This article discusses the myth of the "Strategic Reserve" - caches of steam engines reputedly stored throughout the UK within sealed tunnels, with the intention to mitigate the disruptive effects of a future nuclear war. 




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